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Dream information for The Vex.
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Name:   The Vex
Caption:   Formally known as The VEL.
Population:   1
Dream Standard:   T+
Hub:   Imaginarium
Last Seen:   2023-09-22 19:01:26
Welcome/Entry Text:  
Welcome to the VEL...X Yes.. The Vex; As the large, beaten neon sign above the door read! Home to Truely Apathetic Folk, and run by one very outer-wordly fella currently! We have lockable rooms. Please be Respectful. Logs are mailed at normal postage rate too us. If you disobey these rules, you will be on temporary banishment from cookies, and possibly your time here. Also, the website is now up and running, though it is under construction after being BURNT TO THE GROUND, so don't do there.

Title image by Daiktana