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Dream information for The Forgotten Forest.
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Name:   The Forgotten Forest
Caption:   Warriors RP
Population:   0
Dream Standard:   T+
Hub:   Allegria Island
Last Seen:   2023-09-22 17:03:49
Owner:  Leafie and Eyebright
Contact:  https://catclans.wixsite.com/theforgottenforest
Roleplay based on the <u>Warriors</u> series by Erin Hunter.
Welcome/Entry Text:  
Welcome to The Forgotten Forest - Warriors Roleplay! To enter the IC area, you must first apply to become a member. You may find details HERE and on the Dream Website (you can also say !site or !forums at any time). For a list of commands, say !commands. Some commands only work for members. Please report any glitches you find in #bug-reports on our Discord server. Say !stats to get our dreamstats!

Title image by Daiktana