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Dream information for The Endless Wilds.
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Name:   The Endless Wilds
Caption:   Wildlife Simulator
Population:   0
Dream Standard:   T+
Hub:   Allegria Island
Last Seen:   2022-12-01 18:03:55
TEW is a semi realistic wildlife simulator set in a procedurally generated forest where you can hunt, forage, reproduce, win prizes, and more to come. The forest holds many secrets to be found.
Welcome/Entry Text:  
The Endless Wilds is a wildlife simulator game set in a procedurally generated forest. Each species has special pros/cons and goals. This dream is still under some construction with anticipated updates to come. Say !commands for more.

#Sc Wolves level up by hunting other players or rabbit NPCs. #Sc Chase rabbits (move into the same space) to eventually make a successful kill. #Sc

Age: 12 Seasons

Speech processing enabled in this dream.

Title image by Daiktana