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Dream information for Puzzle Palace.
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Name:   Puzzle Palace
Caption:   Mazes And Puzzles
Population:   1
Dream Standard:   E8+
Hub:   Allegria Island
Last Seen:   2024-06-20 11:07:14
Welcome/Entry Text:  
Welcome, DreamNova, to The Puzzle Palace! To the North-West is the Shifting Puzzles (which you solve by moving stuff around) and a train that will take you around The Puzzle Palace; to the South-East is the Garden of Mazes; and to the North-East is the Chess and Other Puzzles (which has some chess-based puzzles and some puzzles I couldn't categorize). Lastly, to the South-West is the original Puzzle Palace, which shows this dream's humble beginnings (To know more, say "@Old Puzzle Palace"). Some of the puzzles are older versions of puzzles here, and so marked as "Legacy" (say "@Legacy to know more about that). Enjoy! [Walkthrough coming... someday]

Title image by Daiktana