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Dream information for Furcadia Festival.
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Name:   Furcadia Festival
Population:   0
Dream Standard:   T+
Hub:   N/A
Last Seen:   2023-09-22 17:06:10
Welcome/Entry Text:  
Welcome to the Rameen Festival, an annual late-night party held in honor of Jemmion, the Prime of Night Skies and Seashores! There's so much to do here: you can rock on at Guitar Master and take a ride on the Carousel! Splash around with surfing, tubing, and the water slide, and you'll never be alone if you adopt one of Jemmion's pets! If you're feeling creative, try sand sculpting, or if you're wanting a challenge, try your hand at the Trivia Hut.

Speech processing enabled in this dream.

Title image by Daiktana