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Dream information for Alpha North.
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Name:   Alpha North
Caption:   Welcome to Dry Lake Packlands!
Population:   4
Dream Standard:   T+
Hub:   Allegria Island
Last Seen:   2022-11-24 16:03:48
Welcome/Entry Text:  
DreamNova has arrived

Welcome to the Dry Lake pack territory! Dry Lake is a Pack for all paranormals, anthro, human or feral dream. Current custom avatars are the adult wolf under rodent, pup under equine and tiger under feline. Dream owners are Alpha|North & Leader please feel free to contact either of them for more dream information. Type !info for commands. This dream is ever changing and constantly being re-uploaded for fixes and changes! Once you pass the river you are in the ic. We ask that our patrons alert us to any patch or ds bugs they encounter in the dream. (If the alt Dry Lake or staff members/owners are online, but not in the dream it means you're in a ghost dream.)

[DN-ID] [Owner: ] [Contact: ] [Desc: Welcome to Dry Lake a paranormals dream.

Title image by Daiktana