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Dream information for TheSilentHalls.
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Name:   TheSilentHalls
Caption:   WIP: Feel Free to Explore
Population:   1
Dream Standard:   T+
Hub:   Imaginarium
Last Seen:   2021-12-02 18:05:48
Welcome/Entry Text:  
[DN-ID] [Owner: TheSilentHalls] [Contact: www.thesilenthalls.weebly.com or TheSilentHalls in game] [Desc: This is a dream that is looking for furres to people it's halls with active role play. Behold the silent keep with it's expansive stone hallways. A visitor can smell the drifting scent of food as it cooks in the kitchens, servants at the ready to fetch and serve at all hours to accommodate the late night traveler. Perhaps you've wandered there by accident, few know how they actually came across the keep the first time, though the returning guests always remember how to find their way back. The residents seek answers as to why the halls seems undisturbed by problems of the outside world, puzzled by the strange flow of time and the eerie presences of the ghosts that sometimes wander the halls. Dare you to visit the welcoming keep and look into a ghost story?

You have arrived at The Silent Halls. The path ahead leads to a warm welcoming keep with rooms for travelers and a kitchen that is always ready to provide food and drink for all who visit.

Speech processing enabled in this dream.

Title image by Daiktana