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Dream information for Fading Memories.
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Name:   Fading Memories
Caption:   Allegria Island of the Past
Population:   0
Dream Standard:   T+
Hub:   Allegria Island
Last Seen:   2021-06-19 21:08:32
Welcome/Entry Text:  
For videos of 200+ old Furcadia community dreams, Click Here. If you want to help, Click This. Disable your digos if you want old avatars.

Allegria Island is a place especially rich in dream-energy. Just find a spot you like, and press Ctrl-T to upload your dream. AI has a Teen+ environment. Make sure you check out our special Silver Showcase dream. Use F3 to move between multiple points around the dream. You can warp to Keywi Island and Home Island by clicking these links.

Title image by Daiktana