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Dream information for Eldwynn.
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Name:   Eldwynn
Caption:   Home of clan Ti'Ward
Population:   0
Dream Standard:   T+
Hub:   Naia Green
Last Seen:   2024-04-14 23:06:21
Welcome/Entry Text:  
Welcome to Eldwynn, The home of Clan Ti'Ward. This dream was built over a decade ago, It once contained a functioning economy and adventure system. However that version was still a work in progress and needed a dream package to load. So I have uploaded a slimmed down version of Eldwynn with many parts removed. This version is an early form My friends and I enjoyed while the final version was under construction. This version has many areas to explore and secrets to find. Maybe if I get the itch I will add on a few things within the non package boundaries. Anyways enjoy a piece of the past!

Speech processing enabled in this dream.

Title image by Daiktana