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Dream information for Cosmic Star Bar.
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Name:   Cosmic Star Bar
Caption:   LGBTQA Bar
Population:   3
Dream Standard:   T+
Hub:   Furrabian Nights
Last Seen:   2021-03-05 08:01:37
Welcome/Entry Text:  
[] [Welcome] To []

[] Cosmic Star Bar []

[] Thank you for Coming []

[] For Commands say !commands[]

Thanks to all who have helped in the makeing of this dream,a place of friends may all dream makers be so lucky and to have friends like Icefeather, Unknown Stalker, Indigo Nightfall , KIT-001 , The Neverland and so meny more ... to you all I love ... may this always be your home ...

A big thanks to The Neverland, Theodore White, KIT-001, Sukiel, Dark Raptor, Monick , Adrianna ElectroVixen, Amethyst Magic, Sardan Purple, Berkana, Bloodspill, and Elva Mikay they are just a few of the ppl who have hepled me keep this dream going and who give me hope ever day and I love them more then life itself.

DreamNova has arrived to Perv Peep at us all again, Evil dream bot peeper!

DreamNova has arrived.:)

Title image by Daiktana